Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Don't you just find the development of language amazing.  I really wish we had some access to a second language because what a blessing for a child to learn 2 or even 3 languages at this time when their mind is so extraordinarily capable.

Noah is talking now - really talking.  I couldn't possibly record his language by number of words - he can say everything.  He can copy any word he hears although he does struggle a bit with 'F's' and words with 'L' as the second letter.  I am amazed every day at the development of his vocabulary.  He talks constantly - essentially Noah is the commentator of his own life.  "Noah saw a truck" "Noah saw/did/want (insert word here)"

It's exciting to hear words that have been around for months and months improve to be perfectly comprehensible -  'nana' has become ba-nana', 'dater' is now 'water' family and friends names have been practised and perfected.  Not all words are good - as I hit the brakes a little hard yesterday I exclaimed 'jeepers' Noah said 'oh shit' - hey at least it was used in perfect context. I chose to pretend I didn't hear.

He has some funny expressions - in particular "Noah want it" - which actually means that he doesn't want to do, eat, go whatever or wherever I'm offering.  I can't help but giggle as he yells it at me with such vehemence.

We've never shortened or cute-ified (that's a word) any words so as a result he says rhinoceros and tyrannosaurus and all kinds of words even the best of us can get tongue tied over.

Every day there are new words, life is such an adventure for him and I feel so lucky to be invited along for the ride.

What funny expressions or words do your kids use??  How about the swear words - have any snuck in? How did you handle it?


  1. I completely relate to this post.
    My son can count in spanish (thanks to Dora) and I love that. I also wish I was fluent in another language to teach him but I think exposure to other languages is just as good. I have a friend who disagrees completely and wants her son to master english before he "takes on" another language - he is now in speech therapy.....

    I love listening to my son talk, it's amazing.

  2. oh also. I wrote a post on tuesday that you might like - it's about baby talk. I don't usually flog my blog in people's comments section but I think you might relate to the post since you are of the talk properly to your child school of thought and not shortening things.
    anyway here it it:

    I like your blog - we have the same template and same twitter button..*giggles*

  3. Thanks for dropping by Toushka. I love a shameless plug - good to know what's out there.

    I've visited your blog today and now I'm following. Ah group hug.


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