Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The Simple Things

Tuesday is my only 'work' day of the week and I'm lucky to still spend the day with Noah plus add two other gorgeous children into the mix.  As a rule we play at home or in a nearby park and rarely go out in the car.  Today I absolutely had no choice other than to drag them on some errands with me.  I knew it would be challenging as I had to travel some decent distances and there would be a bit of waiting around.  They are all really great kids but it was bound to be a boring morning for even the most angelic of child.

Anyhow we set off armed with plenty of snacks and some treats and most of all plenty of music to sing along to. We chatted and watched the trains zooming past us on the freeway, we spotted trucks and police cars and motorbikes and we danced in our seats.  The first 40 minutes went by and we made our first stop (dropping off the beloved mix master for some much needed repairs - the repair shop is only open Tuesdays so thus the reason for the trip on a workday).

Next we had another stop to make but only about 15 minutes more driving and then we had to wait about an hour while the shop did some work for me (too far to drop off and come back later). We were right in the industrial area of Perth and there wasn't a playground anywhere nearby plus the sky was starting to look a bit like rain.

I was a bit stumped and then realised we were right under the airport flight path.  One of the kids spotted a plane and there were squeals all round.  We found a spot to wait and we watched planes flying all around us.  Some of them were so low it was almost like you could see the passengers at the windows. We had so much fun the hour flew by (pardon the pun).

I love discovering joy in the strangest of places and situations.  How great is it to be lucky enough to have kids that appreciate the simple joys in life. Who knew errands could be so much fun.

Where did you find joy today??

P.S. That is not my picture - I wish.  I found it here

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  1. Even though it is not your picture, that picture is great! It is the simple things and neat moments like that that are so much fun! Thank you for joining Mama's Little Nestwork! Have a great day!

    Mama Hen


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