Friday, 24 September 2010

I can see clearly now...

We have finally emerged from the dense fog of winter sickness.  The weather is glorious (oh my god I've become an old person!!) and we hope we've truly farewelled winter and all the nasty colds and flus.

I have been so extremely grateful for feeling well, after nearly a week in bed, that Noah and I have traipsed all over the place and had a really fun filled week of sunshine and play.  Being housebound for 2 weeks really makes you appreciate things when you get up and about again.

We started with a weekend of park visits and a great day in Whiteman Park for the Thomas the Tank Engine day.  They do one of those family days twice a year but this is our first visit.  Luckily for us Noah is not really a 'Thomas' kid (he just loves trains) because it wasn't really very 'Thomasy' despite the advertising. Sure there was plenty of Thomas merchandise being pushed at us but other than that not much besides a guy dressed as "The Fat Controller' telling everyone to stand behind the yellow line.

It was a great day though -Noah's Nanny and Poppy joined us and we rode the train twice, visited the petting zoo, climbed on fire trucks and had a lovely picnic.

When Monday came we were very sad to send Daddy back to work after such a fun weekend.

Tuesday being my work day I decided to be brave and drag all 3 kids to the aquarium (AQWA).  When I'm out and about with the 3 of them so close in age people always give me looks of sympathy or look at me like I'm some sort of crazy person who just needs to learn about contraception!!!  Little do they know I send two of them home at 5pm.  The kids are always so fabulously behaved for me though - in fact without fail Noah is the one that causes me the most trouble!  We had fun exploring and then had a lovely lunch of fish and chips at the boat harbour and finished off with time in the playground and an ice-cream - perfect day.

Yay for ice-cream - let's cheers to that

Tuesday was made even more exciting by Daddy's impromptu gift of a shiny new kite when he came home from work.

Wednesday Noah and I headed off just the two of us for an adventure in the city.  I was lucky to receive an email from the WA State Library letting me know that for story time this week it was going to be The Gruffalo and the creature himself was going to be making an appearance.  We are Gruffalo mad in this house so I knew immediately that we wanted to be there.  

The event started with a reading of the book wit all the kids shouting out the words (obviously we are not the only household that has read the book six hundred and fifty thousand times!!)  While the kids were listening to the story the mums had to make them a special crown with all the animals from the story.  All the kids donned their hats and The Gruffalo arrived.  Surprisingly Noah was actually a bit frightened and kept telling me "Noah a bit too scared Mummy" (yes he talks about himself in the third person!)

The boys felt much safer with this Gruffalo (Reuben on left & Noah on right)

After the morning at the library Noah and I couldn't resist a bit of exploration of the city arts precinct and enjoyed a lovely lunch in the urban orchard.

Website Blurb ( a place to celebrate the importance of growing  fresh, healthy food where we live. Once a neglected area on the rooftop of a car park, the urban orchard is now the perfect spot to eat lunch and meet up with friends. It’s also a new destination for events and activities in the Perth Cultural Centre. In the garden beds you will find fruit, vegetables, herbs and companion plants.  The planter boxes are made from recycled waste from other parts of the building works, the plants are managed organically and will be harvested and planted seasonally. This is the embodiment of sustainable community gardening and is a resource for all.  The orchard will provide nutritious and tasty crops throughout the year and you can be involved in community planting, harvesting and education events.)

Oh Yeah - rockin' those shades

Checkout the reflection

Finally yesterday after our usual morning at playgroup we spent the whole afternoon on the beach.  It has been an action packed week of adventure and fun.  Mummy really needs a rest but instead we are hurtling towards a long weekend filled with grand final parties, BBQ's with friends and more than likely a visit to the Perth Royal Show and we can't wait.

What adventures have you had this week or what are you looking forward to on the weekend??  Please share - it's fun. Happy Weekending everyone.

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  1. Hey Kirst
    Sounds like you've had the best week! I know how you feel with all the illnesses, we have been sick for soo long. The kids are finally well, I am still struggling to get better. What a horrible winter, heres hoping for a nice healthy summer! Have a great weekend, look forward to seeing you guys soon. Luv Marshae xoxox


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