Monday, 1 December 2008

Disturbing the Peace

A weekend away camping - peace? quiet? relaxation? NO!

Let me start by saying that we had an absolutely gorgeous weekend at Fernhook Falls just out of Walpole and we're really glad we braved it with Noah and got away. That said there were many moments when we were wondering whose crazy idea it was to go camping so far south with a grumpy 4 month old baby (just for the record it was Rob's)

The whole weekend got off to a bad start when Rob's 'movember' lunch turned into an all afternoon affair and he returned home hours later than expected in a state not quite fit for packing up the car to head off early the next morning. We got past that and got on the road Saturday morning only a couple of hours later than planned.

The drive down was really pretty through Bridgetown and Balingup and Noah was so well behaved in the car sleeping most of the way.

We had deliberately planned to camp in a secluded spot so as not to bother any other campers with Noah's crying. No matter what, we knew there would be crying and usually quite a lot. However we had to go to plan B when a huge fallen tree was blocking the track to the camping area. Eventually after quite a bit of grumbling (me this time not Noah) we found Fernhook Falls and decided to risk it amongst the couple of other groups.

Now we don't really know if Noah was crying more than normal (he did seem to be in one of his more unsettled phases) or if it was just the sound of it in that completely silent environment - either way it was pretty stressful and we really felt bad for the people around us.

Even with the stress of a crying baby and having to get up for night feeds in the freezing cold it was worth it. Noah seemed to really enjoy the different environment and loved watching the trees and the fire. We had a fantastic day driving around exploring and doing the tree top walk. I don't think we'll do it again in a hurry but in the end we felt it was a nice weekend.

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