Sunday, 7 December 2008

It's a Brand New Day

I'm way too busy to blog but I couldn't resist having a chat with you all. You will not believe what has happened to Noah. I swear to you he woke up on Wednesday with a new personality. Gone is the baby who screams for no apparent reason day and night and in his place is a little man happy in his own company full of smiles and giggles. People talked about the 'click' moment when this happens to some babies but I did not believe it could be so sudden and so dramatic. Today is day 5 and we're still quite tentative (we don't want to jinx ourselves) but so far so good. Mummy and Daddy are so full of happiness we are literally bursting at the seams.

On top of this amazing week with Noah we are smack bang in the middle of our yard renovations which are coming along beautifully. While they're happening though our house looks like a war zone. Everything from the shed (which we ripped down) is in and around the house, all the camping gear is lying around waiting to be cleaned and re-stocked ready for next time. We are half way through putting up the Christmas decorations and they're scattered around the house too. It's way to much for the neat freak in me to take but hey life is good so I'll try and go with the flow.

This is what's been going on every night this week after work. Rob has been ripping up pavers, moving sand, digging trenches and laying retic. Some nights it's been going on until 11pm. But it's all worth it because Friday and Saturday the paving got done and even though it's not quite finished it looks awesome.

The paving guys getting started

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