Thursday, 25 December 2008

Merry Christmas

Noah's Special Christmas Decorations

It's 12.15 right now and as is the tradition we have had my family for Christmas breakfast. We have done this at Megs house ever since Jake and Abbey were little so we could see what Santa brought - this year it was our turn because of course it's Noah's first Christmas. We handed out our Kris Kringle presents for the adults and then the kids 'helped' Noah inspect his stocking from Santa - as you can imagine he was very spoilt. Let's just say he's already got more books than he can read in a lifetime!!

I made a yummy breakfast (even if I do say so myself) - actually everyone who ate it thought so too. Smoked salmon and Camembert frittata followed by vanilla, rosewater and strawberry cinnamon pancakes. We were supposed to have breakfast trifle made with yoghurt and muesli and berries but unfortunately Rob tipped it down the stairs - every Christmas meal has to have one disaster and that was it. It worked out ok in the end though because even without them we had plenty of food. Noah had his first solid breakfast - some yummy rice cereal which he really enjoyed.

Right now Noah is having a nap before a visit to Aunty Fay and Uncle Brian's, Rob is having is annual beach run with his Dad and joined by Uncle David this year too. This evening it's the De Roach Christmas dinner at John's house and it's going to be a beauty with Pa, Bron, David, Les and Sean all here from Melbourne.

Noah enjoying the paper more than the gift as we expected

Noah with his stash

Jake and Abbey relaxing in the hammock

Noah and The Nanna

Noah's first solids - yummy - but he seems to be enjoying his hand too

Getting tired from all the festivities

Hanging out on the floor with Daddy

This is what Christmas is all about - fun family times.

Noah and his honorary Nanna - Bev

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