Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Sleeping, Blogging and Partying

Right at this moment I'm torn between my desire to blog and my desire to sleep - as you can see blogging won. Noah is asleep at the moment and I'm praying it lasts for at least 2 hours (hee hee).

We had an absolutely fantastic weekend in Busselton for my Uncle Roger's 70th birthday - despite what you may think it was a really lively party with great food, lots of impromptu Karaoke and plenty of laughs. Best of all Noah slept peacefully in the corner in his pram for the entire evening.

Rob, Noah and I stayed with Mum and Dad and my godparents in a lovely house a block from the beach and two blocks from town. It was so nice to spend quality time like that, with them all enjoying a big dose of Noah. He was so well behaved as well and slept perfectly both nights in the port-a-cot.

Unfortunately since we got home the sleeping through the night has not been happening and he's been a bit grumpy during the day as well. Nowhere near as bad as before but not the perfect baby we had for about 10 days either. I'm convinced he has a tooth coming through but it's so hard to know. Sometimes they look like they're about to break for weeks and weeks before anything happens.

We're gearing up for Christmas and the onslaught of family from Melbourne. Our tree is looking lovely and the presents are nearly all bought and some are even wrapped. I'm so excited about Noah's first Christmas even if he has no idea what's going on it'll still be a really special celebration.

Happy Shopping and I'll post some pics soon XX


  1. Merry Christmas! I've been delighted to read about Noah's journey through life, and am especially proud of you Kirsty, that you have the courage to write your personal experiences with Noah. I'm glad to hear that Rob is such a helping dad, and he always has a smile and a good Noah story to tell when he gets to work.

    I wish you a safe holiday and lots of happiness with Noah in the New Year.


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  3. Hey guys, I was so relieved when I read that Noah had turned a new leaf and was turning into a happy smiley baby for you, and I almost cried when I read he was struggling again after being away at the weekend. By now you will be back from you week away with Noah at Ngala and I hope that you found it worthwhile and Noah is on the road back to the happy baby you experienced for 10 days. You both should be so proud of yourselves.

    Wishing you a very merry Christmas and look forward to getting back up to date after the holidays.

    Marty xo


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