Monday, 8 December 2008


OK it's time for all you 'lurkers' (that's an actual internet term for people like you who hang out in the background of blog sites but never make themselves known via comments) to start leaving comments. It doesn't have to be a long inspired comment - just say hi and let us know you're having a look. I read about a dozen other blogs all of which have quite big followings and therefore lots of comments are left. Now I don't expect my humble little blog to get hundreds of comments like these other ones do but just the odd G'day and possibly even some feedback would be nice. I'm aware of lots of people that follow our blog quite avidly which is lovely but it would be nice to see some little messages from you all when I log on - besides when Noah grows up and starts read this you don't want him to think you didn't care about him do you??!!

It's easy - why don't you start right now - Click on the comments bottom at the bottom of this blog and we're in business.

Much love to you all.


  1. Gosh I feel like I have been caught with my hand in the "lurkers" cookie jar. ;)

    Thoroughly enjoying your blog and following little Noah's exciting milestones. The photos are always a little bonus.

    L. :)

    ps - checked out the other blog that you told me about - loved it. I think you may have caused me to slowly metamorphasise into a Blog Nerd. :)

  2. Okay so even though you know i am your biggest blog fan and stalker around i thought i would leave a comment anyway so you feel loved ;)

    Spoke to Dad today and he told me of Noah's recent personality transplant so i am crossing my fingers for you it stays that way!
    Now i have said my bit about is my baby?? Is she still on holiday? i really miss her! Not many people have dogs here, it's really weird.

    I am going to the christmas Markets next week so im hopinh to find something really special for Noah.

    Love and miss you all and m fingers are definitely crossed for many more hours of sleep for you and Noah!

    Luv Holly

  3. Hullo Noah,

    The Nanna always knew that once the pain subsided you would be a
    happy chappy. No doubt you will have days where you will not feel like entertaining us all with your cutest gurgles and dimply smiles and sparkly blue eyes and that is ok because all of us have our bad days.

    Today I am going to put up the Christmas decorations and put out all the cute Christmas toys that sing and dance and put a smile on your Nanna's face.

    We are all so excited to share your first Christmas with you.
    Your Mum and Dad are beside them selves with anticipation and happiness and are carrying on like kids themselves.(you get that with adults who havent forgotten the joy of are such a lucky boy)

    Dont forget only 17 more sleeps and Father Christmas will have visited you on your very first Christmas. Pop and I cant wait to see you unwrap your presents.

    LOVE from

    The Nanna.

    P.s. Love your Xmas card !!!!!!

  4. Hi Kirsty and Rob, I'm just an occasional visitor to your blog, but I'm always interested to read how things are going. Good onya for going to Ngala for help with settling Noah. We went to Ngala with Ben too at about the same age, when I was tearing my hair out with day sleeps (or lack thereof) and Ben wanting feeding (constantly!). I found their techniques very helpful, although it did take a few weeks to realise the benefits. Hang in there...I'm sure you've heard it 100 times already, but it does get easier as time goes on.
    Kirsty (@ Environ)


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