Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Happy 5 months Noah

Dear Noah

Today we celebrate 5 months since you came very suddenly into our lives. You are such a big boy now - it's unbelievable. You are literally changing before our eyes - in fact as I write this I'm fairly confident you are pushing through your first tooth. It's exciting of course to see all these changes but in some ways I'm not ready. It seems like you only just started smiling and we've gotten used to your gorgeous gummy grin - I can't imagine seeing a little tooth (of course it could still be many weeks before that happens anyway).

We hardly ever have reason to call you grump-a-saurus anymore but you do have your moments. You're a bit like mummy and when you decide you wants something you must have it immediately - if not you scream the house down. You've definitely decided facing backwards in the car is not your thing but unfortunately you are about 400grams lighter than is recommended - we might cheat and turn you around anyway - you're a kid that wants to see the world.

You are really getting to know your body now and hardly ever have your fist out of your mouth. As of yesterday you are a rolling machine and you think you are quite clever. Daddy and I put you on the rug on your back and next minute you were on your tummy. We kept rolling you back and you kept doing it again but we never actually saw it happen. When you get on your tummy your little legs really want to crawl away, when your upper body catches up you'll be unstoppable. You're really strong and sometimes like to pull hair. Speaking of hair - yours is starting to grow and it looks quite dark. It's such a fun adventure watching all these things happen and wondering - will you be blonde or dark, will your hair be straight or curly?

Every day so many new things are happening - today you tried drinking out of a sipper cup with handles and were pretty chuffed with yourself until you choked and had a big spew. You fell asleep in the swing today with your new baby sunnies on - so much cuteness.

You are completely in love with your Baby Einstein DVD's and even though the health nurse told me I'm damaging your brain - I think you'll be ok.

There are so many weird and wonderful things I'm discovering about you everyday and I'm loving every minute of it. You and Daddy are such great mates and it still melts me to see you together - he really makes you laugh and he calls you his funny monkey.

Happy 5 months Noah, Love Mummy

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