Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Camping Photos

Starting to unload the car - it was absolutely full to the brim. We camped next to this hikers hut but no cheating - we were all in the tent!!

Noah relaxing while Mummy and Daddy do all the work

Up goes the tent

Noah in his winter woolies - it was really cold at night

Noah on the port-a-cot change table in the tent - looking up loving the view of the trees

Noah's view

The first night we huddled under the shelter due to the rain

Under an enourmous Tingle tree - how cool is the hollowed out base of the trunk

On the treetop walk - it wobbled a bit much for my liking but I made it around even with my knees shaking

Lunch at a lookout over Mandalay Beach

Noah in a happy moment on the step of the lookout

Day two heading out of camp for a walk to the nearby falls

The real shot of how Noah spent most of the weekend

Stunning Fernhook Falls - the noise and volume of water was amazing

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  1. Wow guys I am impressed with you venturing camping with Noah, well done :-) Me I don't do camping well at the best of times, least of all with a 4 month old. I am more of a cabin type girl.

    Kirsty I can so understand why you are sick of hospitals, I never realised what a time you have had of it. Well done on trucking on so well and keeping positive despite the tough times. One day soon you will be able to look back and it won't seem as bad as it does now.

    Take care you 3.

    Marty xo


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