Wednesday, 13 April 2011

There were 5 in the bed....

This blog started as a way to record and remember precious memories and sometimes I need to take a moment to notice what is special about a certain stage of his life.  This is Noah's current collection of bedtime toys.  Goodness knows how many it will be by next week but as of today this is the favoured group.  For nearly two years it has just been 'raffy' the blanket up front with a giraffe head then a few weeks ago monkey joined the group and slowly it has grown to this little menagerie. Hop (large bunny) Little Hop (small bunny), Monkey, Frog and 'Raffy' (we like to keep our names pretty simple around here.)

Even as I finally publish this a new bear has joined the gang - reminding me how quickly things change when you're two.


  1. Oh what a collection of bed friends. They are so cute! :)

    Master S [he's two] has four books that he must have read to him at bedtime.
    He also, insists on having his sister lay with him until they are asleep and then we move her.
    He used to be happy with one story before bed, and no little sister. I am afraid of what he'll want at bedtime two years from now. 4 novels before bed? His own cow to share his bed with him? Oh dear :/

  2. My son (2.5yrs) has also recently gotten on to the soft toy band wagon. It's funny how they are scared of them when they are little but around the 2 year mark they are best buddies. I'm so thankful my son has had some of his soft toy treasures since birth. So nice to finally see him loving them.

  3. Sounds very familiar to what goes on in our house! Our 2 year old insists on going to bed with 'everyone' (i.e. arm loads of soft toys!)

  4. Too cute .
    Looks a lot like our sons beds ...ours come complete with extra books, blocks and pincher things.


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