Tuesday, 19 April 2011

An Actual Conversation with my Husband

Husband ' So why did you make pigs?'

Me ' Why not?'

Husband ' Just something to do hey?'

Me ' Yes we had a quiet day at home so we painted and made pigs'

husband 'Oh it's just that you usually do things with a theme'

Me 'Yeah well we are going on that Farm Stay next weekend'

Huband -  Hysterical laughter.

Apparently he knows me too well and it turns out finds my theming of activities hilarious and perhaps a little bit ridiculous.

Anyway here are our pigs from last week.  Be warned this is an all day activity.  (Paint plates, wait to dry, staple together and then glue into stacks and wait for glue to dry, add eyes, nose, legs etc.) It was fun though and it kept us very amused.


  1. Love it!! If I didn't hate painting so much with my kids I'd give it a go... oh heck, maybe I'll give it a go anyway ;-)

  2. Let me start by saying I love your blog - you know I do. Let me now say that you and your perfectly themed craft sessions with Noah make me feel like I am the least involved mother in the world and that my kids are missing out on some huge, crucial aspect of their development, and I am creating them to be something far less than what they have the potential to be!!! Noah is the luckiest little boy in the world to have you as his mum - I don't think I've ever encountered a Mum that invests so much time and effort in making their child's life so fulfilling! You are an amazing, wonderful and I have to say it, crafty mum and you should be so proud of the wonderful, amazing and crafty way you are raising your gorgeous little man. He is truly blessed. Love you, Sandra x

  3. Haha!! You are such a great mum. Xx Marshae


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