Friday, 8 April 2011

Bunny Cupcakes

How cute are these little guys??  This morning I let Noah do almost all of the work in the kitchen.  He's graduated from chief egg cracker to mixer, cake batter spooner and even iced these ones. (Just two because then he started eating more than he was spreading)

We downloaded the bunny ears from here and then just used whatever we could rustle up around the house.  These ones had fluffy cotton ball tails but we didn't have any little ones for paws at the front (next time). I'd also rather pipe the icing nice and high to give the face a more 3D look and perhaps smaller cupcakes next time so the ears are more in proportion.

They are still pretty adorable and Noah was thrilled.  Check him out - watch out Masterchef.

His apron and hat were Christmas presents and they were one of the gifts that did not get opened on the day because we had such an excess.  How fun is random gift opening on a Friday morning though.


  1. These are gorgeous - what a fabulous idea for Easter morning tea. Soooo going to get me some ears for my cakes! Masterchef Noah looks adorable (and oh so professional) in his outfit x

  2. Noah is even cuter than those cute little cupcakes!

  3. How screamingly cute are those cupcakes!! Definitely going to make these with my girls!
    Love the chefs outfit too (LOL!!)
    thanks for dropping by my blog yesterday btw - I really appreciate it :-)

  4. These are seriously the CUTEST cupcakes I've seen in a long time...only marginally outdone in the cuteness stakes though by the chef!

    ps: I think my sweet brooch giveaway might be right up your alley! Stop by if you have a moment...


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