Monday, 4 April 2011

Now I know my ABC's next time won't you sing with me

Noah is currently really fascinated by learning the ABC song and walks around the house singing it on and off for most of the day.

What he doesn't know about all those letters are that the most important ones are I, V and F.  Those 3 letters represent everything to us right now.  Without them we wouldn't have this precious boy that fills our heart daily with so much love and laughter.  We never forget how lucky we are to have him.  A generation ago we would never have had the opportunity to be parents - we would have been declared infertile and had to live with that.

It's not that we wouldn't have been fine just the husband and I but we are so much more as a family.  Noah has given us more joy and happiness than we could ever have imagined.

Now IVF has again given us a chance. A chance to give Noah a sibling.  We desperately want to be parents again but it's almost more important to us for Noah.  As we watch him interact with his friends and love them deeply it mean so much to us that he has a brother or sister to share that special bond with.   He is already so excited about the baby in mummies tummy.   We are just hoping and praying that those other 3 letters HCG are on our side.

Saturdays blood results were inconclusive so we are still waiting waiting and hoping our scan on Friday will have some more definite answers.

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  1. Hang in there Mrs DeRoach...everything will work out just fine, and little Master DeRoach will have that sibling you so desperately want for him in good time. Just remember that he is the luckiest boy alive to have you and Rob as his mum and dad and because of you both, he has the richest, fullest life of any child I know. He is one blessed and lucky boy already, no matter what happens. Love you, Sandra xx


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