Monday, 4 April 2011

Alert - Calorie Overload Ahead

When Baker's Delight contacted me about taste-testing their Hot Cross Buns one of their friendly suggestions was coming up with a recipe involving HXB's.  I love to eat, I love to bake but a recipe creator I am not.  
So naturally I did what anyone in my shoes would do and looked for someone to copy.
In my search I found the amazing Kitchen Wench who created this fab recipe last Easter.  With full credit to her for all of the fabulous deliciousness of this creation as well as some really sexy photos I share it with you.
Chocolate-Stuffed Easter French toast
Ingredients (serves 4)
4 hot cross buns (preferably mocha-flavoured)
2 medium-sized eggs
1/4 cup milk 
2 tbsp caster sugar
2 tsp pure vanilla extract (not Vanilla Essence)
Approx. 1/4 cup dark chocolate chips
1/2 cup thickened or double cream, chilled
Approx. 4 tbsp shaved dark chocolate
1. Firstly, slice your buns horizontally into about 4-5 layers.  The buns are easier to slice if you leave them to get a little stale first.
2. Press a few chocolate chips in between each layer (I went with 5), then when you’re finished layering it, use your hand to squish the bun together firmly.
3. Lightly beat together the egg, milk, sugar and vanilla, then dip each hot cross bin in the mixture. Remember to flip it at least once but not to let it soak – you want the egg to coat it, not turn it into a soggy mess. Once you’ve done that, heat up a little oil in a non-stick frying pan over a low flame, then fry the buns one at a time.
Leave each bun to cook for about 4-5 minutes on each side, only flipping once so the side that has been cooking is crispy and the sugars have caramelized nicely.
4. Just before serving, whip the cream till it holds soft peaks, then use a metal spoon to gently fold in the chocolate flakes. Whack a dollop of this on top of each bun as it’s being served, and watch the cream and the chocolate melt together and drip everywhere into a gorgeously calorific MESS!
If you love this recipe you should absolutely hop on over to her Blog and check out so many more amazing recipes plus at the moment there is an opportunity to win a 2L Cuisinart Stainless Steel Ice cream Maker.

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