Friday, 10 July 2009

More Adventures

Well here we are in Adelaide. I’m so glad to finally have access to the internet – I’ve been in a technology void and it’s driving me crazy. I have spent 2 hours this morning traipsing the city trying to find a wifi hotspot while at the same time managing a very grumpy baby who has decided daytime naps are a thing of the past – despite being cripplingly tired!!

Anyway I am now hooked up and I feel all the more human for it. I’m so reliant it’s quite disgusting.

So – about Adelaide. All I can say is good thing I didn’t blog after our first day here – it would not have been pleasant. Since then I have found Adelaide to be quite enjoyable and managed to find some great little spots for shopping, eating and coffee.

Mostly it has been all about relaxing and eating but Noah and I have explored the art gallery and the Museum and we visited the zoo on the weekend as a family. Yesterday was Rob’s last day at the conference and now we have 2 days hanging out together before we head home on Sunday.

Talk to you all soon

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