Thursday, 23 July 2009

Happy Birthday Noah

This morning you were greeted in your cot by Mummy, Daddy, Aunty Megs and Jake and Abbey - I'm sure you know it's a special day. We have already had fun opening a couple of presents. One in particular came from your friend Brianna in NZ and her mummy had very cheekily filled the box with colourful glitter and confetti - what a mess but what fun. Last night daddy and I decorated the house ready for your party tonight and your smile spread from ear to ear when you saw all the pretty things hanging from the ceiling. Today you are spending the day with Nanna because mummy has to go to Uni - I feel terrible but I know you will have a great day and be very rested for tonight's festivities. Happy Birthday Baby Boy (oops Big Boy!!) See you tonight.


  1. Happy Birthday Noah!!!! Have a very special day. It sounds as though it has started with much glee already.

    Sorry we will miss your party, you will be in our thoughts all the way from Mt Hotham.

    There is a present on it's way to you through the "Daddy post office". We hope you have heaps of fun with it.

    Lots of love
    Rachael, Glenn and 'Bub'

  2. Hehe!! :-) I'm glad Noah enjoyed the sparkly confetti!

    Actually Brianna's Mum shouldn't get the blame for the confetti. That was entirely Dads idea and Dad might have emptied half the bag of confetti into the box of presents - much to Mum's horror! :-)

    Happy Birthday Noah.
    Scott :-)

  3. Darling Noah,
    A year old!!!!!
    This year since your dramatic arrival has been an amazing journey
    for your Nan and Pop as we have watched you overcome lots of little challenges and develop a beautiful, interesting and stoic personality. We love you very much
    and want to say a big thank you for coming into our lives and giving us a new lease on life.

    The Nanna and Pop Beggs


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