Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Birthday Eve

It's 11.00pm and I hope to be in bed very soon because tomorrow my son, my baby turns one - I am absolutely blown away by the speed with which it has happened. I have been very busy preparing for the first of 2 big celebrations to mark this enormous milestone in mine and Rob's life. The table is set and the cake is made. In the morning there will be quality time as a family with a fair dose of presents and then in the evening will come the grandparents and great grandmother, aunts, uncles and cousins. It will be over the top and it will all be worth it because 1 year ago the most perfect, most wonderful child entered our lives and changed them forever.

Tomorrow I will write a letter to Noah as I do most months for you all to read.

Tonight I will leave you with a section from a beautiful children's book called 'When You Were Born' (by Diana Hutts Aston) it sums up how I feel exactly.

When you were born
the world hummed it's everyday tune
of footsteps and voices,
engines and bells
but here
in our home,
our souls
sang with joy.
Prayers of thanksgiving
for you,
our child,
flowed from deep inside us,
like water from a spring.

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