Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Big Girl Ivy

Yesterday was Ivy's first birthday and lucky for her she's celebrating in Ireland with her grandparents. I can't believe it's been a year and it really made me think about that day she arrived. I showed up for work like any ordinary Monday morning ready to spend the day with Declan & Reuben. As usual Jack answered the door and I asked how the weekend was (of course Julia was due and we were expecting Ivy's imminent arrival) as casual as anything Jack filled me in on some details of the weekend then advised me Julia was in labour. The whole house was so calm and life as normal was continuing on. The boys were at the bench eating breakfast then Julia came downstairs looking very calm and relaxed and got into the spa to continue labouring. I think I was the most panicked of everyone!! We sorted things out for the boys to come to my place and we waited excitedly for the news - which came mid afternoon - that Ivy had arrived without a fuss and was fit and healthy. The boys and I headed in to meet her within a few hours and she was the tiniest baby I could ever remember seeing (she's still only a wee thing). As it turned out the boys stayed with us for the next 4 days which was really very special. Here are some pictures of Missy over the last year. Happy 1st Birthday Ivy - we love you.

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