Thursday, 23 July 2009

A wish for you........

Dear Noah,

One day when you read this I want you to know that today is one of the most important days of my life. You will never remember this 1st birthday and in fact you will have others that you will enjoy much more but to me this is the moment I will always treasure. Your birth was hectic and a little unexpected on this day 1 year ago and some of the usual joys were stolen from me. I could barely hold you as they whisked you away - I had just a few short moments to take in your perfect face and then I only saw you in photos for the following 3 days until we were reunited. Nobody can steal you from me today though. You are my son, my pride and joy, my greatest masterpiece and I treasure you. Nothing I have done before you came matters now - you have given me clean slate with which to live my life. I am not Kirsty Beggs or Kirsty De Roach anymore I am first and foremost Noah's mummy.

Today we celebrate your arrival in our lives but we also celebrate your journey. You have come so far and every day you change and surprise us. We are all on a wonderful adventure together.

You are my joyous, spirited, inquisitive child and I love you. Your smile lights up a room and your laugh is like music. Your tiny hand can send a shiver of happiness right to my core when you take my hand or stroke my face late at night. You are challenging but delightful. You are silly but also wistful. You are carefree and caring.

I wish for you a lifetime of happiness and all the joys that a life rich with friends and family can offer. Happy Birthday Noah Love mummy

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  1. Happy 1st Birthday Noah!!!!!
    What a lucky boy you are to be surrounded by such love!
    (Just had to say I share your thoughts Kirsty!)
    We are really looking forward to your party tomorrow Noah!


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