Sunday 27 July 2008

Strong Boy

Noah didn't need to go back on the CPAP positive air supply - he's been breathing by himself since I left him on Friday night (see previous blog entry). We were overjoyed on Saturday morning (top two photos) when the brilliant staff at PMH told us that Noah could come back to Joondalup!! There are some very sick babies in the Neonatal Ward 6B of PMH and Noah's was a hotel stay compared to some - the nurses and doctors in that place are true angels on earth - people just don't realise the miracles they work each and every day. Thank you's (and big hugs and kisses from Rob) don't quite seem to be enough.

Noah is now in the special care nursery at Joondalup (bottom photo), just down the hall from mum and dad, who have scored a family room and double bed! Noah has also scored the best bed in the house, right next to the window so he can receive some natural UV, as well as the bright lights being shone on him, to break down his jaundice.

It's now Sunday morning and I have had a good night's sleep, while my darling and slightly sleep-deprived wife was expressing and ferrying milk down the hall every three hours for her son. She said she didn't mind one little bit and I believe her. I have never seen Kirsty so happy. Hopefully he will start breastfeeding today and come stay in our room tomorrow...


  1. Ohhhh... he is absolutely beautiful! Congratulations to you both. We are all thinking of you and can't wait for more updates!
    Love Kelly, Kylie and Nicholas.

  2. Kirsty and Rob, we were so happy to see you yesterday, your baby Noah is absolutely beautiful and happiness just shines from you both. Our love to the three of you, Nols and Brian x
    P S wasn't I smart to find this site.

  3. Congratulations Noah, you are the very lucky little boy to have been blessed with the most beautiful loving parents. Your darling Mum is very special to me, so please look after her, appreciate her and love her as much as she loves you!! To Kirsty & Rob, well done kids, he is a cutie and I hope I can have a cuddle real soon.. Love ya's Donz, Brock, Jace & Tanika


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