Monday 28 July 2008

He's almost there...

Another momentous 24 hours. Noah started breastfeeding yesterday, much to Kirsty's relief (top photo). I started him off by dipping a dummy in some milk and accidentally spilt a drop, followed by a reprimand from the nurse - "don't you know that's liquid gold" - she's right, it is. I can already see him gaining strength every day. He also came off light therapy yesterday (Sunday) and his IV drip this morning. This was fantastic because it meant we got to dress him up in his own clothes for the very first time! He's only got one tube to go - that which is entering his nose then stomach to top up his feeds (bottom photo). I'm sure today he'll figure out what he needs to do to get it out, and will be back in our room by this evening.

It was wonderful to see Jake and Abbey's reactions to their new cousin yesterday. They're great kids and so excited - they even started dancing.

Oh yeah, I changed my first nappy this morning (middle photo).


  1. Hello Rob and Kirsty,

    I have just spent a couple of hours reading your blogsite and catching up on your amazing journey, Kleenex shares have just soared!!! You were always an amazing couple even in the early days and look at you both now how conected strong and happy you are as a couple.
    Noah is blessed to have you both as parents as you have now been blessed with Noah, the hard road has at last paid off.
    Chantelle was born at 35 weeks and she is now 23, 5ft 10inch an engineer and gorgeous so arriving early is no detrement I can asure you.
    Well I send my love and prayers to you all and will see you when things settle.

    Love always

    Angela Z.

  2. Hi Rob and Kirsty, thank you so much for putting the photos up, we would so love to come and see you in hospital but I am struggling with the three little ones at the moment and a trip out anywhere is just too much to ask. Declan and I are sitting in bed looking at the photos and he thinks Noah is just perfect! Doesn't he look like his dad!!! Congratulations again guys, we are all so happy for you!
    Julia, Jack, James, Kirsty, Declan, Reuben and Ivy xxx


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