Thursday, 24 July 2008

Mum and bub doing well.

Well, Kirsty was VERY sore last night, but has made an expedient recovery today... just like her son. Noah responded very well to the surfactant medicine trickled into his lungs overnight and was taken off his ventilator this morning. He was a bit puffy when I saw him and retaining fluid (look at his eyelids) - he hadn't had a wee since being born, but by the time I got back to him this evening he had been weeing all afternoon - which is really good!! He's going to be absolutely fine... hopefully back with mum by Saturday :)

In chronological order: Top photo - still on the ventilator this morning, but looking beautiful. Middle two - Check out his red beanie - this is a great invention to affix machinery to his head without elastoplast (note his rash from the bandaids -poor little guy). Although it looks like he's got more tubes in these photos - he's actually getting much less assistance. Bottom photo - Nanna Beggs' thumb (and Noah's tiny foot too).


  1. Oh Well welcome to the world my beautiful Nephew...i can't wait to meet you and hold you. You are so lucky because you have the most wonderful Mummy and Daddy who have been waiting a long time for you...we have all been waiting for you. I hope you get better soon and can be with your mummy. I love you soooo much and i can't wait to spoil you and give you lots of kisses and cudddles.

    Love Aunty Holly

  2. Ohhh... he is so gorgeous!! Congratulations Mummy and Daddy. We are thinking of you and so glad that both Mummy and bub are showing improvement. I hope he gets to come back to Mummy tommorrow... must be hard to be away from him.
    Can't wait to meet Noah.
    Take care and keep in touch.
    All our Love,
    Sandy, Jase, Charlotte and Noah's little girlfriend! xxxx


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