Wednesday 16 July 2008

So much news so little time.

This is going to be the longest babble ever so get ready for an information overload.

First and foremost Reuben and Declan's mum Julia delivered her new baby on Monday July 14th at 1.10pm. The new baby girl is a teeny tiny 5.5 pound bundle of joy called Ivy. Mum and baby have had some minor challenges but are doing well and expected to be out of hospital tomorrow (Thursday). Julia was absolutely amazing and stayed at home labouring until midday then arrived at the hospital basically fully dilated then delivered an hour later completely drug free. She's officially my new hero.

While Jack and Julia have been in hospital Rob and I have had their gorgeous boys staying with us. It has been so much fun and great to get to spend so much time with them. Declan and Reuben are such amazing kids and they have been dream house guests for the last 3 days. Tonight Jack comes home to take over and although the break will be much needed I'll be a little bit heartbroken. They're my little buddies and I love them so much.

As far as Poppy goes - all is going really well and the time is flying by. She is passing all her tests with flying colours and is very active which keeps me happy. Last time I wrote she was in breech (June 26th), then on Wednesday July 10th she had turned in a lovely downward position. This made our OB very happy and she booked us in for our induction Tuesday August 5th. We had our last official scan today to discover that the acrobatics are continuing and we are back in breech. What a cheeky baby. There is of course still time for many more of these flips to take place but it makes our decision about a natural labour versus Caesarean a bit more tricky. I have a really good amount of amniotic fluid in my uterus (anyone who's seen my belly could have guessed that!!) so she could quite literally keep changing position on a daily basis. Because I'm on blood thinners and I have a history of being a bleeder anyway a complicated natural delivery would be very dangerous for me. I would really love to try and have a natural birth but it is looking more and more like a Caesar might be the better option. We have another OB appointment next Wednesday (July 23rd) so we'll discuss it with Margo then. In any case Poppy will be arriving on the 5th or 6th of August which means 19 sleeps to go!!

Rob and I have done our ante-natal classes over the last 2 Saturdays which were very informative and lots of fun. Of course all that breathing practice might not be necessary in the end but the classes are all a part of the experience and definitely made it all feel more real than ever.

I'll leave you with a risque photo of my semi-naked pregnant body!!!!!!!!

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