Thursday, 3 July 2008

Maternity Leave sucks!!

Don't get me wrong it's great having time to relax and I have been doing some relaxing but I'm really bored and I miss the kids. Quite unexpectedly this week my work schedule has slowed down and I'm finding myself a bit antsy for something to do. Of course there are jobs to do around the house and I have been doing some of them but there's only so many times I can vacuum the rug before it becomes an obsessive disorder. I'm sure if I was working I'd be longing for a chance to sit on the couch in peace and have a cuppa - what;s that they say about green grass??!!

I'm 32 weeks plus 1 day and Poppy is doing really well. We've been continuing our bi-weekly heart monitoring and she is an A+++ every time. We have our last ultrasound on July 16th and then a couple of weeks later we'll get to see our baby for real - sooooooooooooo exciting.

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