Friday, 25 July 2008

A few hours makes a big difference to a newborn...

... and to a mum that wants to see him! Let me just put on the record that my wife is incredible - the lure of our beautiful boy saw her walking into PMH easy as can be this afternoon. The unexpected reward was a wonderful first cuddle (top photo). Noah had only just had the red "CPAP" beanie (and attached air source) put back on his head when we got there, but had been breathing unassisted for two hours prior. Kirsty shed quite a few tears of happiness and I think just seeing, holding and smelling Noah made mum's milk 'come in'... the mother-baby bond is a wonderous thing to observe.

By the time I got back at 9.30pm, he had extended his record to 2.5hrs unassisted and looked absolutely beautiful in bed (middle photo). He may need some more CPAP - maybe not?! I must admit that I was overwhelmed when the nurse asked if I would like to hold him for the first time (bottom photo)... I had tears of joy streaming down my face. It would be a struggle to put down in words what I felt tonight, for him to be crying and then settle in my arms, the only thing that comes close is like every single dream you've ever had being realised in one moment. I love you Noah, more than I already did and more than I could have ever imagined.


  1. Rob you are such a loving husband/Daddy and you somehow manage to bring a tear to my eye so often when I read your words. Kirsty and Noah are very lucky, as you are, to have them too, hey.
    Well I have to admit I feel EXTREMELY PRIVILEGED that I was able to pop into PMH and see Noah and his Ma&Pa yesterday. I was really surprised to see Kirsty stroll out of the lift unassisted... I struggled to walk for a week after both of my caesars... you are really amazing Kirsty. It did make me cry when I saw you holding Noah. His arrival was much anticipated by us all- can't imagine how it finally felt for you to have him in your arms.

    Noah grows stronger by the minute it seems-keep it up little buddy!
    You all look after yourselves and each other.
    Anyway guys- enough from me.
    Thanks again for yesterday- the image of Noah in your loving arms is etched into my mind.
    With much love,

  2. I am so looking forward to coming down next weekend. Rob you again brought tears to my eyes as I read your last entry. What a fantastic trio you are. ake care of each other. Love you guys!
    xxx Jess


    How blessed do we feel that you have arrived safely into the lives of your beautiful Mum and Dad. You dont know them very well yet but as you travel through the journey of life we know that they will love you unconditionally,nurture and protect you, guide and advise you and most importantly stand by you throughout your life even if the going gets tough.
    Your Mum will teach you how to amass the greatest of treasures....
    true, loyal and lifelong friends.
    Also the love of good literature
    and the ability to read a whole book before the block of chocolate
    is finished !!!!!
    Your Dad will give you the gifts of
    gentle patience. He will show you how easy it is to say yes whenever
    you are asked to help someone in need.He will also teach you how to support Carlton which will be hard for us to take but even your wonderful Dad isnt perfect. GO EAGLES!!!!
    So darling boy throughout your life love and respect your Mum and Dad. Make them proud of the person you become,the goals you achieve and the love that you share with all of those that will love you.
    Well Noah that is the first lecture from yourNan and Pop Beggs
    but dont worry sweetheart ther will be plenty more to come 'cos thats what Grandparents do.

    We love you xoxoxo


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