Wednesday 30 July 2008

I'm 1 week old and coming home today!!

I stayed in mummy and daddy's room last night. Although I'd been sleeping for 3 hours at a stretch in the nursery, I didn't really like the dark and quietness of their room so decided to wake up every hour and a half for a chat, plus I was finding that I was rather hungry.

Don't you like my cousins, I think they're great!!

I really liked mummy and daddy's room in the end, it was really comfy, mummy was relaxed and we had a great view!

But by the time 11am rolled around it was my 1-week birthday. My very first present was a warm bath which I loved!!!!!!!!! Although daddy dunked my head and was very panicked, I kind of liked it and he did a good job. I think I even fell asleep.

My paediatrician Dr Roberts said that I had done a really good job in my first week, so it was time to go home!! Mummy and daddy were certainly very proud.

The car seat is really comfy, I love the movement of driving...

Just a few presents for me!!

My new sister is really furry!!

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