Thursday, 5 November 2009

Turning lemons into lemonade....

If you've read my last post you know that Tuesday was a shocking day for us. In fact so shocking that when it came time to place a Melbourne Cup bet 'Shocking' was the horse that jumped out at me - which meant I won some money.
After finding out that our embryos had not survived we had a couple of appointments to attend but we managed to squeeze in a couple of nice things to salvage Rob's day off work.
Firstly Noah had a sleep in the car while Rob and I enjoyed a lovely lunch sitting looking at the ocean. Then later in the afternoon the 3 of us enjoyed some time at the beach building sandcastles and splashing in the ice cold water.
Noah is actually showing some fairly strong dislike for the beach despite a summer spent mostly on the beach last year. So we have to take things very slowly and try to acclimatise him and not completely turn him off it. He especially hates the sand and crawls using only the side of his palm so he doesn't have to touch it!!
We also had a go at taking some pictures for a Christmas card without great success.

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