Friday, 27 November 2009


This is a blog about a baby - right?? Not today - today I'm joining the world of food bloggers. I can't help myself I'm compelled to share with you the intimate details of the beautiful meal Rob and I had last night. Firstly it was great because we planned a lovely night out with our dear friends Rach and Glenn ( who are expecting a baby in 13 weeks after a long struggle with infertility like us. Being out at a fancy restaurant, getting dressed up and just being adults without a child to care for is such a rare privilege that you can't help but enjoy the moment. It was so nice to spend such a lovely evening with them before all the craziness of Christmas begins and their baby arrives.

If I was much more dedicated I could have photographed everything along the lines of a favourite blog of mine ( but instead you'll have to use your imagination. Warning - do not read on if you are hungry!!

We went to In Contro on the foreshore in South Perth which holds special significance for us because it was intended as the venue for our wedding until we had to cancel due to Rob's mum's car accident. The restaurant has had a huge makeover and has really become quite fine dining.

A first glance at the menu was actually a bit of a shock - it has never been a cheap restaurant but now the main courses were sitting at an average of $40 plus. Glenn's steak was $52. The wine list was enormous (not enough local wines for my liking) but in the end I chose a Margaret River Rose. We decide to throw caution to the wind and just go for it - so we had all 3 courses!!

We started with Pepporanata Oysters - freshly shucked and salt and pepper cuttlefish. For main I had stunning piece of MSA sirloin on a bed of portobello mushroom gnocchi with wilted spinach. Oh my it just melted in your mouth. Rob had the 'Char grilled Crustaceans' which was a selection of Morton bay bugs, different types of prawns etc which he was very pleased with.

For dessert I had Eaton mess (strawberries, raspberries, chantilly cream and meringue - basically a really good smushed up pavlova) - which was served in a champagne flute with Persian fairy floss and an intricate toffee squiggle on top - sooooo good.

Rob had a dish was described on the menu as - chocolate donuts with hand churned butterscotch ice-cream and raspberries (I think??). When it came out it was on a long plate and it was round chocolate balls which when broken into were runny in the middle (like fondant cake) it was amazing.

Definitely going to start getting out for more grown up dinners - maybe every second month. It was worth the splurge and we had an awesome evening.

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