Monday, 23 November 2009

16 months

Noah is 16 months old today. It's hard to believe that he's the same boy that gave us so much trouble for the first year. These days he's still into everything and full of that same adventurous spirit but he's very well behaved and rarely grizzles throughout the day. He's also finally discovered the joy of sleep and loves to be put to bed when it's time.

I'd definitely try and be a lot more relaxed if faced with an 'unsettled' baby again - I now know there's almost nothing you can do but wait until that stage passes.

We've just had a lovely weekend with the fine weather returning to Perth we were out and about at Whiteman Park and had fantastic BBQ's with friend both Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Whiteman Park is an amazing venue for families - I'm quite ashamed to admit I had never been there and really knew nothing about it - I think we'll be back there at the pool on Saturday - weather permitting.

Tomorrow my baby boy is off for his surgery to have the grommets put in. It's really quite a simple procedure but he does need a general anaesthetic so that's a wee bit daunting. I hope it makes a big difference for him and that we've seen the last of ear infections for awhile.

I'm almost fully recovered and feeling ready to get back to life as normal (I don't think I can drag out the excuses for extra help around the house much longer!!)

Life is starting to get really busy with lots of Christmas events booked in as well as lots of babysitting for all my families who have social outings to go to also. The next few weeks will be gone in a blink I'm sure and then it will be time for Rob to have a month off work - can't wait.

I'll post some photos soon and be back in touch to let you know how Noah's surgery went.

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