Wednesday, 18 November 2009


Thanks everyone for all your texts and phone calls. I'm doing really well (especially if I keep up the pain killers!!)

The surgery went very well and my Doctor was really happy with how much they were able to do ( lucky me I got to see a video and heaps of gory photos). All my insides have been unstuck from each other and large portion of endometriosis deposits were removed. I almost couldn't believe they had done the surgery when I woke up I felt a thousand percent better than after the same procedure last time. I think mostly due to the fact that they didn't leave me with any drains in and I had one of those lovely pain pumps I've heard so much about.

Now I am to take drugs to put me into a menopausal state (ie no period but lots of hot flashes) until end of January - this will give my insides a chance to fully recover and everything to settle down without any more building up. Then by about mid March we will be ready to start a brand new IVF cycle with new fresh eggs being collected.

Next step is Noah's surgery on Tuesday - I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Hey guys,

    Glad to hear things went well with surgery Kirsty and you are recovering well.

    All the best for Noah's surgery tomorrow.

    Take care guys.

    The Hellyers :-)


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