Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Post Op Update

Noah's surgery went really well and besides waking up from the anaesthetic in a bit of state he was very chilled out and brave. When we got to the day surgery there was a beautiful fish tank which he was absolutely besotted with so that kept him occupied for the hour long wait between admission and the procedure. I took him in and held him while they gave him the mask - he wriggled around and grizzled a bit but went off to sleep no worries. It was very sad lifting him onto the operating bed and leaving him there. Mum and I went off to have a coffee and came back to find he had been in and out and woken up much faster than expected and they were frantically searching for me. I was so embarrassed - what kind of mother isn't there when her son wakes up from his first big hospital procedure???? I got over it pretty quickly when I realised the nurses were as shocked as me to have a screaming Noah on their hands so promptly. After some cuddles and some milk all was well and during our hour we had to wait post-op Noah was back to his normal happy self.

When we got home Noah was a bit hyper (they warned me the anaesthetic might have that effect) but went off to bed no problem at 6.30 and slept through. What a trouper.

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