Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Welcome to my pity party

I usually try not to complain too much. I'll state the facts for better or worse but try not to get to caught up with the cries of poor me. (At home with Rob I'm probably inclined to whinge a bit more but to the rest of the world I try and put on a brave face). Anyway I'm about to have a big poor me moment so you may want to look away.


I feel like for two and a half years my life has been consumed by Doctors and I thought once I had Noah it would all be over for a while but here we are 4 months in and now it's double because there's 2 of us.

July 2006 - the serious fertility hunt started - blood tests, ultrasounds my first surgery
July to December 2006 - monthly sub-cutaneous implants of a menopause drug to help with the Endometriosis - hot flushes, mood swings, nausea
September 2006 - my second and far more invasive surgery (3 days in hospital)
December/January 2006/2007 - IVF - daily injections and blood tests.
January - July 2007- pregnant YIPPEE
July 2007 we lost our little Banjo
July - November 2007 - more blood tests and Dr's appointments than I can count trying to figure out how we lost Banjo - lots of theories no real answers
Nov/Dec 2007 - Another successful round of IVF (what a blessing we were successful first try both times)
December - July 2007 Pregnant - daily injections, 3 months of pessaries, thrice weekly appointments to monitor this very volatile pregnancy
July 23rd - The dramatic arrival of Noah - my greatest reward
July 23rd - a blood transfusion for me and a trip to PMH for Noah
(home 1 week later that should be the end of Doctors for a while - right? WRONG)

In four months Noah has been to PMH twice (not including the 3 days after his birth) had 5 Chiropractic & 1 Physio Appointment, 3 GP Visits and seen 3 different paediatricians a total of 6 times plus seen a naturopath. He's taken 5 rounds of reflux medication - administered twice daily - plus god knows how many colic remedies - infacol, gripe water, marina infant formula, brauers stomach calm. He's had suppositories to make him poo and he's now got his second cold.

Now for me - I'M STILL BLEEDING. Noah is 18 weeks today!! Imagine - a year and a half's worth of periods back to back!! I've had a D & C plus taken 3 rounds of 2 different contraceptive pills to try and stem the bleeding. Today I have to get blood taken (from my arm) for a list of about 10 things my Dr is testing to see what the hell is going on. I'm exhausted.

Just to top it off all the stress has made my psoriasis flare up so I'm going for treatment 3 times a week for that plus my knee is full of fluid which I'm having aspirated tomorrow.


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  1. My Beautiful Girl,

    I am so proud of you the way you just keep on keeping on and counting your blessings even though the going is really tough for you all at this time.

    Keep your strength because I know (dont ask me how but I do) that soon the rainclouds will disappear and the rainbow of health peace and contentment will appear.

    AS for your next blog I have to say that your husband is a saint and I love him so much for loving you and being the best Dad to our
    beautiful Noah. xoxo


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