Saturday, 8 November 2008

Snuffles and the cutest little cough

Our baby boy has his first ever cold. It's so sad to hear him coughing all night and his nose sounds like he can barely breathe. It's been back to the newborn days with him waking up every 2 hours. Hopefully it won't last too long because I've been quite enjoying only 1 night feed and a bit of extra sleep. Thank god it's the weekend because we're all very tired today.

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  1. Hullo Beautiful Grandson,
    Hope your cold is better and you are ok to have a fun day with Nanny and Pop tomorrow.I always used to feel a little disappointed
    when Sundays ended and the working week loomed now Monday is my favourite day because it is our special day with our special boy.
    Tomorrow will be even extra special because it is liitle Abbey's Birthday so we are having our traditional family birthday dinner and combine that with a special send off for your Aunty HOlly who is off on a great adventure to Austria.
    You will have to have a big sleep in the afternoon so you can stay up
    late and enjoy the party!!!!!!!


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