Sunday, 2 November 2008

Night Feeds

Even though I would obviously prefer to sleep straight through every night, in a funny way I enjoy my little night visits with Noah. I get woken up by his cute little sounds anywhere from about 1.30am through till about 4am - this morning it was 2.30. I've got such a routine going I can literally do it in my sleep. First I switch off the monitor so Rob doesn't get disturbed then I head across the hall to Noah's room, as soon as I open his door he knows it's me and I say to him 'Mamma's here' and he quietens down or makes happy noises. Usually when I pick him up he gives me a big smile to say thanks for coming to get me. We head to the fridge grab a bottle and pop it in the microwave - Noah knows the milk is coming soon and starts to get a bit restless. We head to the couch and he just guzzles it down. It's so nice to watch him so peacefully drinking and the two of us just sitting in the dark. It's a special little thing that we share while Rob and everyone else are tucked in their beds sleeping soundly we meet up for our first special cuddle of the day.

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