Saturday, 1 November 2008

Three Months Old

Dear Noah

You are now 3 months, 1 week and 2 days old and growing so fast. It's been a tough journey for all of us so far. You my gorgeous son are in such pain and are still suffering terribly with your digestion/wind/constipation pains. You are such a beautiful little boy and it breaks mine and Daddy's hearts when you cry and scream in agony. We are taking you to yet another Doctor on Tuesday to see what he can do for you.

It's such a tragedy because when you are pain free you are so happy and smiley and try so hard to have a good time with your toys but then before long the pain returns and you just don't know what to do with yourself.

You have been sleeping much better at night over the last 6 weeks and you usually have one stint of 5-7 hours which is really great. You do not like to sleep during the day unless it is in your pram or in the car - god forbid we try to put you in your cot for a daytime nap. You absolutely love the mobile over your cot though so you are quite happy for a little while to smile at it but there's no way you'll ever fall asleep. At night Daddy makes the whole house dark and walks with you round and round in circles humming and singing until you fall asleep. Lots of dads wouldn't do that you're really lucky with the dad that you've got. I get up with you in the middle of the night and we have a nice quiet bottle of milk before having some more sleep. You and Daddy get up together anywhere from 5.30 - 6.30 and start the day while mummy has a sleep in. Daddy would much prefer it was 7.00am so can you try and give that a go!!

You have lots of funny little idiosyncrasies which we are getting used to. You almost always prefer to be picked up and held but then sometimes it makes you annoyed - the trick is knowing the difference. Same goes with having me or daddy as a passenger next to you in the car - sometimes you love it other times it makes you scream - the exact opposite effect of what we are trying for.

You have developed a weird obsession with the Johnny Cash song "Get Rhythm" - we discovered it quite by accident one day when you were screaming in the car. We had the Walk the Line Soundtrack in the CD player and we cranked it up (to drown out the screaming!!!) and low and behold you went quiet immediately. Since then we have used the same trick hundreds of times and almost without exception it quietens you down - amazing. Thank god it was a song we could bear listening to so many times.

You love the Baby Bjorn and it's almost guaranteed to calm you down in any situation. I can see why you like it - I mean who wouldn't want to be carried around the park in what is essentially one really long cuddle.

You still really love your baths and also love showers - you're completely happy to have the water streaming over your head and in your eyes.

Nappy changes and getting dressed have gotten so much better - thank god - we were afraid at one stage that you would scream through them forever. More often than not now we can lay you on your change table and your really happy to look at your 'flutterby' and let us get on with it. In fact the flutterby is really the first toy that you ever took notice of and you're quite smitten with it.

Today you really discovered your fists and were amazed to find you could bat at the toys on your playgym and make them rattle and swing. The look on your face was priceless - then you did it over and over for about 20 minutes still just as fascinated each and every time.

Daddy and I feel so blessed to have you and even though you are most definitely harder work than we ever could have imagined every minute is worth it. When we see you smile and laugh our hearts burst with happiness and we look forward to many more smiles as hopefully your pains start to fade away.

Love Mummy

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  1. Oh Noah, you are such a lucky boy to have two such beautiful parents. You might not know it just yet, but in time you will learn that you are the luckiest boy in the world to have been blessed with the wonderful Mummy and Daddy you have. I hope your tummy pains get better soon little man; nobody wants to see you sad and in pain any more. Can't wait to see you again soon, but 'til then, be nice to your Mummy and Daddy. Sandra xx


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