Friday, 7 November 2008

DJ the Destroyer

Today I'm looking after Olivia and Noah is with John De Roach. Livvy and I have been having a lovely morning - drawing, blowing bubbles and chasing the cat and the dogs. Then she points out a feather on the floor and she's very happy to have found the pretty feather so she picks it up and we play. As I move around the house I start to notice more feathers - lots of feathers - the penny drops - DJ has killed a bird. Sad but just one of those things - I don't give it much more thought. Then I notice Bonnie trying very hard to get under Noah's cot - I've never seen her do this before so I take a look what she's trying to get to - assuming a tennis ball has rolled under there. No folks not a tennis ball - a bloody half eaten mess of a bird!!! I'm not normally such a girl about things like that but it nearly makes me throw up in fact I called Rob almost hysterical. I think it felt worse because it was under Noah's bed - a violation. I was adamant I couldn't remove it and was about to call my Dad when I realised I had to toughen up. It has now been removed and the area disinfected but I still have a sick feeling in my stomach - it was so gross. I'm so over the animals at the moment - between barking dogs waking Noah and cat hair all over everything and now this - one baby is more than enough to take care of.

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  1. Remember the green lounge, the Bouganvillea and the pink bassinet you talked about getting rid of in the last blog....well, I suppose the dead bird under the cot scenario is DJ's way of getting revenge! Who says there's no such thing as karma?!?!?!? Love, Sandra


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