Friday, 25 March 2011


The twin speculation around these parts has hit a fever pitch.  We eagerly await the results of each blood test for Hcg levels to try and see if they can shed any light.  We will know for sure one way or another in only a few weeks when we have our first scan but still we care very impatient.

My husband  has done literally hours of research on the Internet (google can be such a dangerous tool in the wrong hands!!) and being the super nerd that he is has created a graph.

Yes - a graph.  He has mapped known Hcg levels according to a couple of research studies he found and has added my results to the graph.

As you can see from the graph my levels are tracking high.

Here is the exact email my gorgeous crazy husband sent me Wednesday

Day 12 (Thurs)
Kirsty = 100
Day 14 (Sat)
Single = 142
Twins = 212
Kirsty = 400
Day 16 = Mon
Single = 321
Twins = 481
Day 18 = Wed
Kirsty = 1600
Day 21 = Sat
Single = 1929
Twins = 2896
Kirsty = ???

Ive plotted this up below. Call me a scientist, but I reckon were headed for twins!!
Blood results on Saturday would be very interesting/informative  maybe I should take Monday off work, so we can head down south after bloods on Saturday and stay Sat/Sun night instead of Fri/Sat??

Just in case there is any confusion yes he is suggesting we change the dates of our planned camping weekend  just so we can have a blood test exactly at Day 21 for the purposes of 'the graph' and yes I agreed to it.

Ah bless him and his nerdy ways.  In the end what will be will be but we are very excited for the prospect of twins as this will almost definitely be our last pregnancy.  Either way we are feeling very lucky just to be pregnant after such a long challenging journey this time around.

I'll keep you posted

As I was typing this my husband called to tell me he is leaving work early to go and line up to buy an iPad 2 when they are released at 5pm - does the nerdiness know no bounds??


  1. It's looking highly likely that twins are on their way! How exciting for you all. I shall await to hear whether there is more than one bundle arriving before I "double" the congratulations! :)
    Tara @ Our Whirlwind Adventures.

  2. You are definitely tracking very high! Perhaps even more than just two??? Has hubby done the triplet stats? Good luck Kirsty! If you need any twinformation, I am your girl :)

  3. hehe!! That's so adorable! It's wonderful that he's so enthusiastic about it. Best of luck. I'll be keen to hear the results.
    I was told with both my girls they were going to be twins (more so because I experienced incredible morning sickness), but it wasn't to be the case. I would have been happy either way! :)

  4. OMG, gotta love the little poindexter.

  5. Congratulations on being pregnant.
    Did you transfer one or two little bubbas?
    How exciting - I have twins (heaven sent IVF blessings too)
    I only had one HCG level done that I can recall.
    I had a "worry" scan at 5w6d and we had one heartbeat.
    The IVF clinic did the booked one at 7 weeks2 days and we had two heartbeats - now almost 5yrs old.
    I am all teary for you guys.
    I am thrilled for you whatever may be.

  6. This is way too scientific to get my head around it at 11 pm, but it's exciting anyway!

  7. Congrats on the bubba (possibly bubbas).
    Becoming a follower to find out the results!
    Oh, and because your blog is awesome.


  8. That is adorable. Good luck!

  9. I'd be really interested in the triplet stats! Eeeek! So exciting xxx

  10. WHOOOOOO-HOOOOOOO!!!!! I have a brand new twin pram that I used literally three times that you will be needing in around seven months!!! How brilliant are you tracking?!?!?!? Keep up whatever it is you're doing Mrs DeRoach - will keep praying for you!!

    Sandra xxxxx

  11. You should totally get him to track the triplet levels!!!! How exciting!! Twins are the coolest. I love having twins. All that extra love and all those extra cuddles. They've just started saying "Mama wub you" and I go all gooey and teary every single timexx

  12. Your hubby is a sweetheart!


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