Tuesday, 29 March 2011

HCG Update

As of Saturday my HCG level is 3960.

These were the stats my husband had compiled previously -
Day 21 = Sat
Single = 1929
Twins = 2896
Kirsty = ???

I think we can all see where this seems to be heading.  Some people are even starting to utter the word Triplets - god help me.

Tune in tomorrow for more frightening HCG numbers.  


  1. Sorry, don't mean to rain on your parade....but apparently HCG levels are not a reliable indicator of multiple pregnancies? I wondered if I may be pregnant with twins, after doing a test at around day 50, and my reading was 154,000. I still don't know if I'm having more than one baby, since I'm not due for a scan for another two weeks, but I came home and did some googling, and found lots of mothers who'd had very high HCG levels but only carrying one child. And some people found out they were having twins, even though their HCG levels were average.
    Still, good HCG numbers are reassuring that the pregnancy is progressing normally!

  2. Rain away Katie. Deep down we know these levels may amount to absolutely nothing, in fact I have been the biggest protester to all my husband's research. We desperately want it to be twins but if not we'll be happy to be blessed with one healthy baby. Look forward hearing from you when you have your scan - mine should be around a similar time. All the best and i look forward to following your journey too.

  3. Good luck to you both in your pregnancies. One baby, two babies, three babies, four, as long as their healthy and happy, that's all you can ask for :) x


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