Thursday, 31 March 2011

HCG Update

All the twin speculation is over - we had a scan today and can categorically tell you there is not two babies in there.

Unfortunately that is about all we know for sure right now.  After such wonderful HCG levels so far, yesterday's blood test caused some concern with only a very small rise in the 4 days since our last test.  The clinic was understandably concerned and thus the ultrasound this morning.

The scan showed a bleed in my uterus which also happened with our pregnancy which gave us Noah so in itself may not be too terrible.  The scan also showed one good size egg sack albeit sitting lower than is optimum.  It's too early for a foetal heartbeat so it's impossible for them to determine if the sac they can see is still a viable pregnancy.  Blood tests will provide better information so we have another one on Saturday morning and then another scan in a week.

All we can do now is hope and pray and take it one day at a time.  It has always been the limbo that is the hardest part of IVF.  We are back in a holding pattern - the initial excitement replaced with worry and fear but we will certainly be trying to be optimistic.

P.S.  Sorry for the lack of light and fluffy Easter posts promised but I'm sure you understand.  I will still be drawing the winners of the hot cross buns from all the peeps who commented over the week.  Last comments that can be included will be Saturday April 2nd at midnight (WST)


  1. Hi Kirsty
    I will be keeping everything crossed for you that all will be well. xx

  2. Sending hugs and kisses from me and the kids your way and we're all hoping for a good result. Have you got your lovely new ipad 2 to keep you busy and distracted?

  3. I hope there is a healthy little one in there for you.

  4. What a rollercoaster. Crossing fingers for you guys...

  5. IVF is such a rollercoaster of emotions and hormones. Sorry it wasn't the news you were hoping for ...
    I hope Saturday brings only good news for a sticky little babe.x

  6. Thinking of you sweetie xx

  7. I have next to no clue about IVF other than what I've read on blogs so I can't imagine how nerve wracking it would be to know so early on that you're pregnant and just having to wait to see if it 'sticks'. Sending all the positive vibes/prayers/magical unicorn whispers that I can muster.


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