Thursday, 24 March 2011

Can you hear the sound of bunnies hopping??

Unless you walk around all day with your eyes closed or you haven't been near a shop since the whole Christmas shopping debacle it can't have escaped your notice that Easter is coming.  Not as soon as the shops would have you think though.  Despite the fact that it's a late Easter this year, there were Easter eggs and all the paraphernalia in the shops the first day of trade following Christmas.  Am I the only one that thinks that's crazy??  I like at least a few weeks break between my holiday hype.

I've managed to ignore it for the past 3 months but now I'm ready.  I'm ready to buy eggs and eat hot cross buns and enjoy all the fun of Easter.  I'm particularly excited this year as we are going to host our first ever Egg Hunt for all our friends and their kids.  We are also hatching chicks at our house over the Easter period to really get  in the spirit.  I've got lots of fun craft activities planned too.

Do you have any Easter traditions??  What are your plans for this year??

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