Thursday, 17 March 2011

The results are in

I haven't slept well at all this week so I finally caved and called the fertility clinic begging them to do my pregnancy test a day early. I didn't even tell Rob I had arranged it - I wanted to save him from the agonising clock watching between taking the test and getting the result.

After 18 months and 7 attempts we are finally pregnant.  We are so thrilled there are no words satisfactory to express it.  It means so much more to us after having fought so bloody hard to get here.  I'm only 4 weeks so we are still going to be on tenterhooks for a while but right now it's all positive.  Our first scan will be in about 4 weeks and then we will find out if there is one heartbeat or two!!

Happy St Patrick's Day everyone - thank god for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


  1. Congratulations!!!!!! What wonderful news. Wonderful wonderful news. Wishing you all the very very best. And from a twin mummy, if you do end up with two, it's the most wonderful adventure xxx

  2. Congratulations lovely lady! x

  3. What happy news, congratulations guys!!! We couldn't be happier for you all. Sending all our love Rachael, Glenn and Taylor xox

  4. I understand it's still very early ...but...congratulations!!
    How bloody exciting!! I remember the very feeling you must be feeling at this moment. I fell pregnant after two years of trying with my first and the joy and disbelief was palpable. I remember not being able to wipe the smile off of my face, and thinking that even if I was alone - the little person in my belly was my company.
    All the best to you and hubby...hope the morning sickness fairy is kind to you :-)

  5. Amazing news, congratulations :)

  6. Congratulations. That is the most wonderful news.

    I hope you didn't swear at the nurse when she told you the test was positive, like I did!

  7. Oh wow, congratulations!! Found you from FlogYoBlog and now looking forward to following this journey with you x

  8. A HUGE congratulations to you. I will send you lots of sticky vibes xo

  9. I am overjoyed for you! That is wonderful news!:) Congratulations! I don't know what sort of struggle you have gone through but in my own case, my husband and I were unable to conceive and although we never tried IVF, I can (or think I can) imagine the extreme highs and lows of your journey.

    God bless and take care. I will say a little prayer for you today!

  10. Oh, wow wow wow that is fantastic! So pleased for you. And you've given me hope for a dear friend of mine has tried IVF a couple of times and is still waiting for an outcome.
    Great news!

  11. Congratulations Kirsty.
    This is fantastic news for you and your family!!
    May everything go smoothly for you :)
    All the best,
    Tara @ Our Whirlwind Adventures x

  12. Congratulations...I am so happy for u both xxx

  13. Congratulations Kirsty!
    Hope you have an uneventful pregnancy and the next couple of months go quickly for you!

  14. Hey Kirsty, I'm sorry I missed this, the FYBF link up was just for the blog so it took me to the top of the page - only now that I'm organizing this weeks did I see the title of your link and realized I hadn't read the right thing! Soo.... congratulations! I wish you much 'stickiness' for your pregnancy :)


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