Friday, 9 July 2010

Movies and Mayhem

This morning myself and 5 other brave parents and grandparents all trotted our children (ages nearly 2 - 5) off to see Toy Story 3.  Noah and I had already seen it with Daddy on a Thursday night a couple of weeks ago and it was quite a successful outing.

Today the theatre was packed full of kids and parents and it was pretty crazy.  On the whole our group of kids were well behaved and didn't fidget too much.

Now one would think that we had survived the movie - we would count our blessings and head home for naps - right?? WRONG!!  My friend Danni and I decided a 'quick' trip to the shops was needed.  OK that wasn't too bad I got my things she did her banking - home - right??  WRONG AGAIN.

In our insanity we decided we would try and sit with our 2 year old boys and have lunch.  Hahaha I can hear you all laughing from here.  So by now its about 12.30 and Noah's usual nap time is say 10.30ish.  We squeezed ourselves into a cafe full of pensioners and some older children all sitting nicely eating their lunch.  Our boys proceeded to empty all the sugar sachets onto the table and the floor (not just on our table but another empty one nearby.  Then they insisted on drinking their water from 'big boy' cups with straws and Noah poured it all down his front.  They were both constantly in and out of their seats and Noah even rammed a few customers with his pram. Obviously we were not letting all this happen - Dan and I were trying desperately to eat our lunch so we could leave and at the same time control the children "Noah sit down' 'Rex put the sugar back' Stop hitting each other - say sorry'  You get the idea.

Now I've been in some places where other customers and staff look like they really wish you would leave - and I totally understand.  Never have I seen a staff member (possibly the owner or manager) act so rudely towards parents struggling with misbehaving children.

In the middle of our lunch this guy walks up throws two of the chairs out the way and starts cleaning up the kids mess under the table in a very angry and aggressive manner.  I was dumbstruck - we were eating our sandwiches and their's a man under our table.  I mean no matter how annoying it might be can't it wait till we leave.  In fact we would have done it ourselves before we left.  I have never left my kids mess for someone else to clean up.

Have you ever been treated rudely in a cafe or restaurant??  How did you handle it??  Do your kids sit nicely when you take them out??


  1. We've all been there when a child is being, well, a child and they're spoiling a meal out. And I've left countless meals uneaten as I skulked away with my crazy brood. But if a cafe owner is going to be that rude to parent patons, why not have a sign on the door saying that children aren't welcome. Oh, maybe that's because everyone would boycott the restaurant!! Kids are part of society.

  2. That was very rude of the cafe owner to act that way. They could have at least waited for you to leave and clean up but to have him go under the table and clean up while you are still eating is really uncalled for.

    Trying to go out and have a meal with kids can be a hard task esp. when they are young and not use to it. It's a learning experience for the children and we all go thru it but others should be more understanding.

    I use to have this woman at church who would always turn around and stare at my daughter when she was baby. Everytime when she cried the woman would glare at me. I got so upset about it I didn't go to church for while until I heard that her brother told her off. She has 5 children of her own and eventhough they were much older I'm sure she must have gone through it too.

  3. You're totally right Maxabella if that's how they feel then put up a sign and deal with the loss of business. Mum's are a huge market - it would be wise not to piss us off. This was just a daggy shopping centre cafe too - not a place to be too precious about.

    Cinda - it's awful that you would be made to feel like that at church of all places. People forget so quickly how hard it can be.


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