Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Word of the Week

I'm stealing this idea from Megan at Writing Out loud  who has had me giggling over her daughter Abbey's vocabulary.  So when I was talking to a friend recently sharing some of Noah's latest chitchat and she asked if I was writing them down - it inspired me to do just that.

Noah's word of the week is......

Naughty adjective
Pronunciation: naw-nee

I didn't think this was a word that we used a great deal so was surprised to hear it come out of Noah's mouth when he proclaimed 'DJ naw-nee'  He has gone on to declare the pets to be naw-nee several times a day.  The most exciting thing is he seems to be using it appropriately.  Unfortunately Daddy was also on the receiving end during a heated discussion with Mummy - good to see Noah knows that disagreeing with mummy is naw-nee!!!!

This is a picture from February but doesn't he look like just the kind of cheeky monkey that would go around telling everyone off in just the most gorgeous way.


  1. Yes, get them on your side early. Very smart.

  2. Cheeky monkey is definitely an apt description!! My little one also loves telling everyone off. She points her finger at her brother and sister and says "You're naaaaaaaunee!" The other two look at her and burst out laughing. They are too adorable.

  3. Hehe oh too cute!! Naughty? no way! ;)


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