Friday, 9 July 2010

Hormonal or Patriotic

It's true I am hormonal at the moment but I don't know if I can blame the hormones this time or if I was struck by a dose of good old fashioned patriotism.

During the week I headed into the city with Noah (nearly 2) and his cousin Abbey (9).  Firstly can I just say again how great I think train travel is for the kids.  Noah absolutely loves a ride on the train and for $9 a family can travel all day (on buses and ferries too).  For me it saves driving and parking but for Noah it's part of the whole adventure of a day out.  One of the problems with the train can be parking at the station but to avoid that we head to Joondalup because the station is right next to the shopping centre where there is plenty of parking.

So off we went not sure exactly what we would find - maybe the museum or the art gallery.  The city was so alive with parents and kids and we soon discovered there were loads of free (or very cheap) activities for the kids.

Eventually we ended up in the marquee in Forrest Place for the 'City Outback Adventure'. The event was free but we had to collect passes earlier so they can limit the numbers for each show

I wasn't really sure what to expect - the blurb said "The audience will be taken on a bush journey and experience a taste of life on the land. The show includes sheep dogs, whipcracking, sheep shearing, bush poetry and country sing-alongs which will transport kids from the urban city centre to the heart of our iconic rural farmlands. Led by the renowned horseman Syd ‘The Stockman’ Davey and his trusty kelpies"

When we headed into the marquee it was dark and cosy and smelt just like a farm (in a good way).  There was an arena in the middle surrounded by Aussie flags.  We took our seats right at the front and waited.  It started with some pretty cheesy dancing but when the stockman came out on the horse - I started to well up.  I was a bit shocked I mean here I am watching some free kids entertainment.

It was really lovely - he showed off his beautiful horses and did a few cute tricks with his dog on the horse.  Noah loved it - he really joined in and shouted out in excitement as each animal came out.

There was some lovely parts talking about the Aussie soldiers who rode horses in WW1 and about Banjo Patterson and the beauty of the land we live in.  It made me really emotional and especially made me want to pack up and head to live on a farm.

Maybe it was the hormones or maybe it's because it was only a few days before my Banjo's 3rd birthday was approaching but to be honest I think there is just something deeply moving about our country and especially the lifestyle of those that live on the land.  Either way it's a real treat for city kids to take some time in the hustle and bustle of school holidays to enjoy a different lifestyle - even if it's only for half an hour.  

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