Friday, 25 June 2010

Gift Etiquette

I love to buy and give gifts.  I get a lot of joy out of choosing just the right thing for the right person.  At our house we have a present cupboard because I like to be organised and I like to shop.  When I'm out and about and I see that perfect item either with someone in mind or for just in case I snap it up and into the present cupboard it goes.

This week I have suffered a case of mortal embarrassment.  I sent a gift to dear friends for the arrival of their baby boy.  Now these are great friends and the arrival of their son is a big occasion because like us they travelled a windy path to get here.  Knowing that like us they love books I decided two of our favourite books along with a cute mamas and papas bear would be a great choice ( I try to stay away from clothes for babies because I like to give them something that might become a treasured item for years to come - not get grown out of in 2 months).

So off I trot to the present cupboard and select the books that have been in waiting 'Ten little fingers and ten little toes' Mem Fox and 'Rumble in the Jungle' Giles Andreae and David Wojtowycz.  I wrote lovely messages in them for baby and sent them off.  Today I find out that somehow I have written in and sent Noah's copy of 'Ten Little Fingers...' already featuring a message to Noah from his dad.

Not really a huge deal but now I'm wondering if they think I re-gifted a book of ours - which we absolutely did not.  

I am a re-gifter I have to admit, but not in a bad way - I just find that sometimes we get double ups of kids toys and books so I add them to the present cupboard.  It's not a tight ass thing it's just practical.  I would still never give someone a gift that I hadn't given a lot of thought to.  

Tell me people do you love buying presents?? Are you a re-gifter?? Have you ever been caught out??

*** I think maybe I'll start doing some kids book reviews because oh my we love books in this house and we have hundreds.  These Giles Andreae books are amazing - Giraffes can't Dance, Commotion in the Ocean, Farmyard Hullabaloo - check back next week and we'll have a chat about books


  1. When I had my last baby a girl friend presented us with one of those baby books where you fill in the milestones etc. It was very pretty.

    When I got home I flicked through it and found bits had already been filled her auntie for her kids! I just laughed.

  2. We received a lot of clothes as gifts when Lilly was born, some didn't fit or she grew out of before she had a chance to wear. I kept tags on everything until she was ready to wear things so that I could flog it on eBay if it didn't get used. I was quite happily making a few extra dollars this way until a friend found my eBay account and discovered a dress that she'd bought Lilly for sale. Oops.

    Thanks for your visit!

  3. Too funny! I am a closet re-gifter, well, I think I am still in the closet. I don't *think* I have been caught. Found you on FYBF. Stop by and say hi.

  4. THE BEST thing about global warming is that it gives you a REASON to regift. Just explain that you have chosen not to buy new things as your contribution to reducing the world's carbon footprint. They will be so inspired by your sacrifice that they will regift 10 Little Toes to the next new baby with TWO inscriptions already written inside.

  5. Found you on FYB. Hello fellow Perth girl! Like you I have been in situations like this and WANT TO DIE. Of course I haven't, yet. And I love the books you mentioned. I had the pleasure of meeting Mem Fox last year and she signed my copy of 10 little fingers, hoping I don't accidentally regift it!

  6. Love buying & receiving gifts. As for re-gifting when I was a head teacher I would get given the strangest gifts & whilst I wouldn't give them as gifts, they migt go in the nearest charity box! Isn't that awful!

  7. I sound like you. I keep things around. Get great joy out of giving things. And I regift here and there, but in a...thoughtful way - does that make sense? Yup, to us, it makes total sense, right?! :)


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