Thursday, 10 June 2010


In Australia and even more so in Western Australia where I live we are blessed to be surrounded by beautiful beaches.  We certainly have some water shortage problems and as I type this it hasn't rained for over a week but we still don't have the water restrictions other states are facing. Millions of people around the world don't even have clean drinking water but we are blessed by such wealth that we buy it in bottles at a higher price per litre than petrol.

My husband is an environmental scientist and did his PhD on the health of the Swan River.  In his day to day work he mainly focuses on environmental issues relating to water.

I'm a water baby, so is Noah we all are.  We spend almost every summer day at the beach, we are regulars at our local pool, we take family baths in our huge tub.

Once I even asked the Doctor if I should be worried about Noah because he was consuming about 2 litres of water a day - his appetite for water is insatiable (he would even drink pool and bath water).  The Doc assured me he was fine and I went on my way happy to have a child that is so healthy - he still only drinks water and lots of it.

This past weekend I had friends for dinner and was forced to confess that when it comes to washing my dishes I'm a water waster.  I'm not proud of it but I wash under running water.  I can't bear the thought of my dishes being washed in water full of dirt from other dishes - weird I know.  I'm very economical in all other senses when it comes to water.  I don't take long showers, I'd prefer to water the garden very infrequently - just enough to keep it alive (Rob overrules me on that) and I never wash my car - OK that may be laziness but it still saves water.

Water - what does it mean to you and your family??


  1. Love your photos!

    Happy FYBF, Kirsty.=)

  2. GORGEOUS! Ooh, it makes me excited for our trip next week! We are taking our two year old for his first trip to the beach/ocean. He has only been in pools before and loves it, so I know he is going to love the beach.


    Absolutely adorable.

    I try to be water wise, but I have had a tap that is dripping for like 2 months... oops.


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