Friday 12 September 2008

Where does the time go??

Understandably I am finding it hard to keep up with blogging so I apologise to those of you I know check this blog daily - but please stick with us we've got lots going on and hope to do better at keeping you up to date with news and pictures.

Noah is 7 weeks and 2 days old now and is growing so fast. As of 3 days ago he was weighing in at a healthy 4.9 kilos (10 pounds 8) and he had grown from 50cm at birth to 56cms.

Unfortunately for our gorgeous little man his problems with reflux, colic and any other tummy pains are continuing. It's so heartbreaking to see him writhing in pain and having so many problems with seemingly basic bodily functions. Yes this is the bit where I talk about his poo. I actually can't believe how much I am required to think about , talk about and look at Noah's bowel movements. He's only passing number twos every 36 - 48 hours and the whole event is the cause of most of his angst. For about the first 4 - 6 hours after he has done one he is the happiest baby you could imagine but then the dreaded cycle of digestion starts again and so does the pain. We are mostly led to believe he'll grow out of it as his digestive system matures - god I hope so.

This leads me to his sleep patterns. He sleeps a lot but due to all his tummy pains he wakes himself up without fail every couple of hours. I vaguely remember what my bed feels like and what it's like to sleep but right now I'm not getting much of it. His previous record was 3 hours and 15 minutes but this week (Tuesday night) he blew us away when he slept for 3 hours 55. These are very isolated incidences but great nonetheless.

I took him to the Chiropractor today and we will be going 3 or 4 more times to try and see if it can help some of his issues plus he has a bit of a lean to the right which we need to sort out. The Dr was so lovely and Noah really allowed him to poke and prod him without any fuss. From a baby that hates being messed with (ie nappy changes, getting clothes on and off) this is a welcome change.

Even though we are living in a bit of a bubble at the moment there are other things happening besides Noah. This week Jakob had his sports carnival and competed in running, long jump and lots of other events winning quite a few ribbons plus the bronze medal for Year 4 boys overall. Noah and I were there cheering him on and hope to do the same next week at the interschool carnival.

In the last couple of weeks Louise has announced her pregnancy and our friends Roz and Rob welcomed a new baby boy Harvey into the world. Tomorrow we are celebrating Miss Georgia P's 2nd Birthday and Sunday I am going to Linzi's baby shower ready for her new bundle who is arriving in less than 5 weeks. Babies galore!!

Life is good. We'll be in touch XX

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