Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Two Months Old

Mr Noah Bungy De Roach is 2 months old today. It seems to have gone so quickly but also seems like he's been in our lives forever. I've just returned from spending the day in hospital after having a D & C under general anaesthetic. All went well and it was really just a precaution because after 9 weeks post partum I was still bleeding. Apparently I'll have period like bleeding for another week now and then finally a break!!

Lots has been going on for Noah - last Friday he braved his 8 week immunisations and despite crying desperatley when the injection went in he recovered very quickly. After me writing that he had started to be more settled he actually went into a week of some of his most unsettled behaviour to date. We are still taking him to the Chiropractor to see if it might help his pain and general digestive issues. It doesn't seem to have made any difference at this stage but so many people swear by it we definitely wanted to give it a go. Today was the follow up with the Paediatrician after the concern about his kidneys and all the tests came back clear. Mum and Rob went because I was in the hospital and I sent them a long list of questions to ask on my behalf. I have been a bit concerned about his general development (eye contact and interest in his surroundings) but the Dr has assured them that it is most likely nothing and once we sort out his pain he will start to improve in these other areas too. He has been put onto a special medicated formula free of all animal products so we have high hopes that this will be the solution.

Other than Noah's ongoing medical stuff life as a family is really good and we are of course totally in love with our gorgeous little man. We had a lovely weekend with lot sof socialising with family and friends. I've got some great photos of Rob getting up to shenanigans with Jake and Abbey down at the marina so keep an eye out for them.


  1. Hi Guys,
    Just a quick note to say that I'm glad everything is going well with your little man. I do log on about once a week to get the news, and it's great to hear that his sleeps are getting longer.
    I had an amnio last week after some nervous nights about this one and have been given the good news that everything looks normal. Hooray! And I am having a girl!! So lots of girlie things to buy!
    Take care, Kylie

  2. Hi Kirsty, Rob and Noah,
    I've been thinking about you guys and sending lots of positive wishes your way over the past week. I'm so pleased to hear that the results were all clear for Noah and that Kirsty's procedure went well too. Take care and I'll keep reading.


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