Sunday 7 September 2008

Pictures of Noah

We've taken so many lovely photos of Noah over the last month and at last here they are for you all to see.

Our first ever trip to the beach - August 6th

Another day at the beach - Noah has advanced to the baby bjorn now so he can have a look around but mostly he just sleeps!! I guess before we know it he'll be running on the beach with the dogs - August 24th

A rare photo of Noah and I because I'm usually behind the camera. This is on the way to Declan's 4th Birthday party - August 23rd

Enjoying a shower with Daddy - August 24th
Starting to be more alert and look at some of his toys - August 24th

I love these pictures of him he looks so cute in that outfit from Jacqui and Ben and then so peaceful. He's surrounded by some of his favourite toys - especially his seahorse from Jess which lights up and plays lullabies - September 5th

Just one to embarrass him when he's older - having some nappy free time - September 7th

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